Welcome to the MSP Guidance Page

To Enroll - go the Spartanburg School District 3 homepage ( and do the online registration. It is under the "Parents and Students" tab.  Returning students will need to call the school for their code.

To Withdraw - all textbooks, library books, tablet and charger must be returned before records will be sent to your new school. Also, any lunch money or fees owed must be paid.

To Request Records - email or fax a request for records to Becky Taylor ( or 864-279-6675). I will do my best to send records the day they are requested if students has cleared everything owed.

To request a conference with a teacher - please call me at 864-279-6607 or email me. I am happy to set up conferences any time.

Becky Taylor 864-279-6607
office phone 864-279-6675 office fax
850 Sunny Acres Rd, Pacolet, SC 29372